AP Stylebook Now Has a Food Section

Grammar, meet gastronomy.
Foodieism may have officially jumped the shark. The AP Stylebook, long considered the newspaper industry standard guide for grammar, punctuation, and usage, has debuted a new section entitled Food Guidelines in its 2011 edition.

According to a release, the 16-page section features more than 400 food names and terms, including 140 new entries. Such words of the moment as locavore ("The preferred term for a person who strives to eat locally produced foods"), huitlacoche ("Also called corn smut. A fungus that grows on corn. Considered a delicacy of Mexican cuisine, it has a smoky-sweet flavor"), and orecchiette ("A small, disk-like pasta") make the cut. But this could be a slippery slope. Considering the rate at which food writers invent new words, the Food Guidelines section could swell to its own tome in no time.

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