APL Will Inflict Its 'Urban American' Vision Upon the LES on May 12

Bowery Boogie

Almost a year after its construction began, APL is opening next week on Orchard Street.

Thrillist reports that the restaurant, which bills itself as an "urban American" establishment, will feature a sky-lit dining room, leather upholstery removed from a 1930s Bugatti, an illuminated glass "birdcage," and bronzed sneakers suspended from the ceiling. Reportedly, there will also be cymbal-playing monkeys and vintage merkins used in place of napkins.

Former Paloma chef-owner Camille Becerra was originally brought on to be the restaurant's chef, but left the project in March to go cook French Colonial food at Hotel Chantelle. There's no word on who her replacement is, but APL's menu will feature what Thrillist refers to, perhaps euphemistically, as a "breadth of culinary influences" including smoky ham croquettes with "Womanchego" (is there no escaping human cheese?), fried pickles, and caviar. Drinks will include liquors infused with flavors via a process the restaurant calls "nitrous fusion," though a Google search on the subject turns up only NitroFusion, a "multi-source protein" apparently beloved by bodybuilders.

Regardless of whatever nitrous APL seems to be huffing, it will open for a Cinco de Mayo preview party and have its official opening on May 12.

[Via Bowery Boogie]

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Womanchego is actually a Cato Corner Farm cheese made from cow's milk.

"Nitrous fusion" probably refers to nitrogen cavitation or nitrous infusion. It's allows for very quick infusion of flavors into a liquor. Place booze and herbs/etc. into a cream maker with a nitrous cartridge. Release the pressure and you have an infused liquor in under a minute.


While haha funny is always welcome, accuracy in reporting should be paramount.

Womanchego seems to be a Cato Corner cheese:"Inspired by the classic Spanish sheep milk cheese Manchego, our cows' milk Womanchego is aged 3 to 4 months, making it more similar to a young Manchego than the aged version most commonly found in cheese shops. The flavor is medium mild and a touch sweet with hints of fruit and nut. Moister than its Spanish cousin, our Womanchego is delicious on sandwiches, with wine, or melted. On limited occasions we will offer our Wise Womanchego, aged for at least 9 months."

Nitrous fusion (aka nitrogen cavitation), is a process by which one can quickly introduce flavors into a liquor by using a cream whipper (with a nitrous cartridge):http://www.cookingissues.com/2...

I need a job. Please hire me as a copy editor.


Why does this sound like a review, and a bitter one at that, if restaurant isnt open yet? Also I am almost certain that womanchego cheese is just a name and that it doesnt come from humans. After reading this I actually want to see what this place...and stop reading Rebecca Marx. She sounds like a blogger with a chip on her shoulder and no food knowledge.


"Regardless of whatever nitrous APL seems to be huffing."

Ha, classic!