Dr. Claw, aka Ben Sargent, Comes Above Ground on the Cooking Channel

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Not Eating Out in New York
After Ben Sargent's Undergound Lobster Pound was shut down by the Health Department, we hoped against hope that he would resurface, his excellent lobster rolls in tow. That never happened, but Sargent is back in the public eye, thanks to a new show he'll premiere on the Cooking Channel next month.

Sargent, known among crustacean connoisseurs as Dr. Claw, told Grub Street that his new show, called Hook, Line & Dinner, will debut on June 7 at 10:30 p.m. It has its origins in Sargent's Web series, Seafood Secrets of the Brooklyn Chowder Surfer, and will follow Sargent as he hangs out with fishermen across the country and then goes to restaurants to what's done with their catch. Sargent, incidentally, is a fan of the Red Hook Lobster Pound, but finds the rolls at Luke's Lobster to be "served too cold." And, contrary to what you might assume, he does get seasick.

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am i nuts or has his show already aired on tv? i remember seeing something a few months ago 

fish #9
fish #9

saw him on chopped,,,,,,,,,,    what is up

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