Duckathlon VI Returned to New York, Team Annisa Conquered

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Lauren Shockey
Duck, duck, goose, go!

This past weekend Chelsea Market played host to specialty food company D'Artagnan, which sponsored the sixth annual Duckathlon, a culinary competition and gastronomic obstacle course. Teams of chefs from restaurants ranging from Le Bernardin to Annisa fought for the glory.

pasta pickup.JPG
Lauren Shockey
Pasta Pickup: harder than it looks

Challenges ran from the slightly absurd to the very absurd, and included events like "Pasta Pickup" at Buon Italia. Team members had to hold a piece of spaghetti in their mouths and use it to latch on ringed pasta, and the team with the most rings won. We were told Le Bernardin was quite skilled at that.

meat id.JPG
Lauren Shockey
Meat ID

An easier challenge proved to be the meat identification puzzle at Dickson's Farmstand Meats. Easier than the "bread archery" at Amy's Bread, which was designed to measure how far chefs could throw a baguette.

cookie done.JPG
Lauren Shockey
Pretty cookies!

Cookie decorating would have helped out pastry chefs. It also seemed to be quite messy.

cookie after.JPG
Lauren Shockey
But pretty is still messy.

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