And Here's What People Ate at the James Beard Awards

james beard egg.jpg
Lauren Shockey
Egg-ceptional Virtual Eggs, from Michel Richard

Everyone knows that the real point of the James Beard Awards is to eat and drink a ton of free food and booze during the gala tasting. That, and to go to the after-parties and see chefs spraying crowds with jeroboams of champagne. This year's awards theme was "The Melting Pot," which supposedly translated to internationally focused food at the tasting. Did that notion come through? Take a peek at some of the dishes served and see for yourself.

james beard caviar.jpg
Lauren Shockey
Fermin Jamón Ibérico de Bellota with American Caviar, from José Andrés

james beard kimchi.jpg
Lauren Shockey
Korean Bean-Paste-Cured and Cold-Smoked Walu with Fennel Kimchi, from Rachel Yang

james beard lamb.jpg
Lauren Shockey
Lamb Kubbeh Nayeh with Traditional Garnishes, from Sameh Wadi

james beard octopus.jpg
Lauren Shockey
Octopus Carpaccio with Santorini Fava Beans, Bulgur-Stuffed Grape Leaves, and Greek Red Caviar Mousse, from Pano I. Karatassos

james beard tonka bean.jpg
Lauren Shockey
Tonka-Bean-Infused Dark Chocolate Cremeux with Organic Mulberry Compote, Floral Red Fruit Tea, and Chocolate Puffs, from Yigit Pura

james beard rice.jpg
Lauren Shockey
Arroz a la Cazuela with Braised Rabbit, Chorizo, and Lobster, from Jose Garces

james beard rice cakes.jpg
Lauren Shockey
Sweet and Savory Steamed Thai Rice Cakes: Pumpkin with Shallots, Melon with Sesame, and Banana with Black Bean, from Andy Ricker

james beard tripe.jpg
Lauren Shockey
White Curry Tripe with Galangal and Crunchy Garlic, from Ken Oringer

Lauren Shockey
Passion Fruit Manjar Cake with Popped Amaranth Praline, from Yasmin Lozada-Hissom

And many more!

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