Rocco's Shuttered by the DOH, Tourists Pissed

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Lauren Shockey
La dolce vita? Not here!

Rocco's, every tourist's favorite Bleecker Street pasticceria, was shuttered by the Health Department a couple weeks ago, "due to an expired permit." They promised that they'd reopen shortly. Well, the shop remains closed, and people are p-i-s-s-e-d.

Lauren Shockey
Getting feisty!

The graffiti on the official notice reveals many loving sentiments toward the store, including these highlights:

-- "I'll take a dirty Rocco's over a spanking clean Starbucks any day" (followed by "Me too!" and "Me three!")
-- "I hate this Gestapo bullshit"
-- "You ruin everything"
-- "I love rats, rodents
-- Many iterations of "I love Rocco's"
-- And an opposing view, "Wash your hands, assholes"

Controversy! Rocco's isn't the best Italian pastry store in town, but they do make lovely hazelnut and lemon ices, and since summer -- and, thus, primo frozen dessert season -- is approaching, let's hope the shop resolves its issues and gets back on track soon.

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