Village Bagels & Juice Bar Is Coming to West 3rd Street

Lauren Shockey

135 West 3rd Street has been a doomed location for restaurants ranging from its latest incarnation, the Village Trattoria, to the short-lived Sakae Sushi before that. But soon a new bagel shop and juice bar will be setting up shop, hopefully bringing decent breakfast food to the block (those McMuffins across the street aren't cutting it).

"We expect to be open sometime next week," we were told when inquiring about the store's opening date. One thing to look forward to: The 24-hour shop will be serving breakfast all day. Hello, 4 a.m. pancakes.

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Dear Restaurant View,There is a New Village Bagel and juice bar at 135 w 3rd st in N.Y.C.  When it opened.  I thought, Wow! What a great placeto get Bagels and Sweet Juices before class..I've been going there since. But Lately, The tall tattoo guy with glass's hasmore then a few times been very unpleasant and doesn't have any manners, While sitting and working on my computerAll I could hear is his Personal stories with the short tattoo boss type. Which is his right,Talking about there sexual encounters. Rude, But very unprofessional to the pointThat I had to get up and leave! Also, The Bagels don't taste the same. Before, They were the best!.But, The last time I had to throw it away. Also, The taste of the juices have gone down!  It's a shame. Here I was telling all my class mates ( Some I had brought with me) That you have to try this place. Now! I feel bad I had spokenso highly of the place. That I feel bad.  Has anyone else written you about how I feel.... I guess that's the way things go. When you have something good. Sometimes it go's bad....Thank you!April....