Creepy First Ronald McDonald Commercial Featuring Willard Scott

Better run and hide, kids! Bozo Ronald McDonald is after you.

Ronald McDonald was born in 1963, when weatherman Willard Scott played the deft-footed dancing clown in a series of television commercials. Scott had previously played Bozo the Clown, of which Ronald McDonald was an obvious rip-off. Since then, Ronald's popularity has waxed and waned.

Slate magazine put the picture in a collection of the 10 Creepiest Corporate Mascots, but now Fork in the Road has unearthed the original video (technically, a kinescope) of the 1963 commercial, courtesy of Run and hide, kids!

Thanks to Fork in the Road San Francisco correspondent Tracy Van Dyk for the link.

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Rick Provencher III
Rick Provencher III

This is down right scary but funny as all hell. William Scott omg what were you thinking?? The commercial states its okay to accept food and talk to a stranger as look as he is wearing a cup for a nose and have trash hanging on his head and he brings you to mcdonalds. Lmao idiots


Dear God. The kid in that commercial says "My mother told me never to talk to strangers" and the creepy clown's response is "but I'm Ronald McDonald!" I'd say there's about an 93% chance that that poor kid ended up buried under that clown's cellar floor boards.


Isn't that a bag of deep-fried children's fingers I see on his tray?


Hide your children, hide your wife, and hide your husband, 'cos we rapin' everybody out here.

@Rick Provencher III i am crying i am laughing so hard at your