Of Course There's a Gay Pride Cupcake

Magnolia Bakery

Never one to miss out on a marketing opportunity, Magnolia Bakery is selling a Gay Pride cupcake in honor of Gay Pride Week. And in case the rainbow decorations didn't signal that clearly enough, the company has helpfully included a fuchsia boa in its promotional materials. The confections, sans boa, will be available in chocolate and vanilla from June 24 through 26 for $2.75 a pop.

Gay cupcakes, incidentally, aren't all sprinkles and vaguely insulting feather boas. Last fall, they became a political rallying cry in Indianapolis after a local bakery refused to make cupcakes for a gay customer because, as a "family-run business," it wouldn't deign to do such a thing. And on the West Coast, a Seattle bakery is donating half the profits from its gay cupcake (called simply "The Gay") to Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project. Cupcake aficionados, of course, would argue that buttercream makes everything better.

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The Poetry Well Laughs
The Poetry Well Laughs

Magnolia used to close down every year from the Pride Parade & now they're trying to profit from it.  Capitalist BS.  I wish they had the integrity to donate a portion of profits to a glbtq cause.


Taste the rainbow...mmm.