Our 10 Best Bushwick Restaurants

The vegetarian arepa from Guacuco

7. Guacuco -- Named after a beach on Margarita Island, Guacuco is the perfect casual Venezuelan café, and you'll feel like you're on an extended vacation, with its darkened interior and potted plants. Styling itself an "arepera," it assembles sandwiches on the fleeciest white arepas you can imagine (the vegetariana is our favorite), but bigger feeds such as the national dish of pabellon criollo (shredded beef with beans, rice, plantains, and cheese) are also available, along with tart fruit juices. 44 Irving Avenue, 347-305-3300

6. Sol de Quito -- The "Sun of Quito" offers an Andean take on Ecuadorian, including reasonably priced omnibus platters featuring several delectable dishes at once, sometimes involving eggs in unexpected places. The apex of the menu, however, is chaulafan, a South American adaptation of Chinese fried rice. 160 Irving Avenue, 718-417-4174

5. Cholulita -- Whether you consider Cholulita to be located in Bushwick or Bed-Stuy is a matter for serious discussion, but suffice to say it's worth crossing the street to get some of the best Mexican food in town. Hand-formed from masa, and filled with a choice of main ingredients, the quesadillas, sopes, and huaraches are the soul of the menu, but the soups are excellent, too, and the new dining room seems splendid if you were accustomed to the old one. 888 Broadway, 347-435-0813

Mole de olla at Cholulita comes with two tostadas.

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