Our 10 Best Bushwick Restaurants

Burger with two cheeses, Brooklyn cucumber pickle, and tater tots fried in goose fat -- $13 at Northeast Kingdom

1. Northeast Kingdom -- A recent meal in preparation of this article blew us away: a ragu of chanterelle mushrooms on a schmear of finely pureed carrot that might have had a little cheese in it, rosemary flatbread coated with creamy goat cheese dotted with arugula and radishes and dribbled with honey, a juicy hamburger with two cheeses, freshly made pierogi fried and served in chicken broth. The food is a little beyond the pale, promptly and perfectly turned out, and about $5 less per course than you'd expect to pay. Simply wonderful! 18 Wyckoff Avenue, 718-386-38640

Rosemary flatbread with goat cheese and honey, from Northeast Kingdom

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