R.I.P., Larry Bogdanow, Restaurant Architect

It's what's on the inside that counts.
Larry Bogdanow, an architect who designed some of New York's most iconic restaurants, died in Manhattan yesterday at age 64. He was known as the visionary behind the interiors of Union Square Café, Savoy, and the Cub Room.

According to the Times, many of the classic elements of upscale restaurant design were pioneered by Bogdanow, including the use of "rich colors and woods like cherry, pear, and pecan to create an atmosphere of relaxed luxury." And yet, restaurants like City Hall in Tribeca and Telepan on the Upper West Side were "notable for their resistance to design trends."

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Sarah Robison
Sarah Robison

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From the few restaurant designs I saw that Larry designed I could tell he definitely liked creating the warm ambience you get from a warm color scheme and his overall style looks very welcoming.

queen bee
queen bee

When Larry and his partner Warren Ashworth designed my restaurant, Angelica Kitchen, Larry absolutely insisted on providing the vestibule cornerstone logs from his homestead upstate NY, as well as the wood limbs on the bike racks out front.  His reference was always the beauty of nature;  how to metabolize her influence as an everyday element with discretion, respect and tribute.   Saying farewell to this friend, this member of the tribe, this glorious person gives me deep pause - to be mindful, appreciative and present every day.