We Be Jammin' : NYC Cocktails Made With--Yes--Jam

Erin Phraner
Caffe Falai's Radici del Sole does it with marmalade.

Bartenders around the city are scooping jams, preserves, and marmalades into their cocktails. The resulting brews are sweet yet faintly tart, and perfectly ripe for summer boozing. Here are our 13 faves -- but keep your eyes peeled, the trend is ... er, spreading fast.

PG Tipple at the Spotted Pig
The stack of orange-marmalade-slathered pancakes at sister resto the Breslin inspired head bartender Ryan Gannon to mix up this sunny drink of bourbon, PG Tips black tea (think British Lipton's), simple syrup, lemon juice, and, you guessed it, orange marmalade ($12). 314 West 11th Street, 212-620-0393

Strawberry Smash at Prime Meats
At Prime Meats, bartenders are rattling spoonfuls of Bonne Maman strawberry preserves with Rittenhouse rye and Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel bitters, to make a Whiskey Smash-like drink that's appropriately trimmed with sliced strawberries and mint ($11). 465 Court Street, Brooklyn, 718-254-0327

Radici del Sole at Caffe Falai
The sweet 'n' spicy marmalade in the Radici del Sole is actually Sicilian orange marmellata cooked down with a handful of ginger candies. It's shaken with OJ, ginger liqueur, and vodka, then finished with a pop of ginger ale and a smear of marmalade around the rim of the glass ($13). 265 Lafayette Street, 212-274-8615

Afternoon Delight at Co-op Food & Drink
Rhubarb season is on its last leg, but you can enjoy its tart flavor well into the summer, thanks to a stockpile of house-made rhubarb jam at Co-op. They're mixing it with Meyer lemon juice and chilled champagne ($13). 107 Rivington Street, 212-796-8040

Knicker Twist at Rye
This play on a "Knickerbocker" calls for vodka, triple sec, and lime juice, and replaces raspberry syrup with apricot jam, which is made fresh by head barman Sother Teague each week. He also whips up the brandy-soaked apricots that hedge the dainty coup ($10). 247 South 1st Street, Williamsburg, 718-218-8047

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