A Dozen Nearby Places to Eat After Your City Hall Wedding

What could be more festive (or cost-effective) than a Peking duck dinner?

After you've tied the knot, it's time to get something to eat. While Chantal Martineau will be offering you some restaurant wedding packages tomorrow in our 10 Best series, here's a simple annotated list of good places to eat chosen by their proximity to City Hall. Some provide fast food, while others sling sit-down formal grub. All are within easy walking distance.

Distance: 0.13 miles
1. Carl's Steaks
79 Chambers Street (between Broadway and Church Street)
Nothing better or faster than a Philly cheesesteak to fill you up and get you started on marriage's long road. Good fries and chili, too. [cheap]

Distance: 0.24 miles
2. Les Halles
15 John Street (near Broadway)
This place provides steaks, too, of a more effete variety than Carl's, and the ancient connection with Anthony Bourdain creates a bit of foodie glimmer. [expensive]

Distance: 0.27 miles
3. Pakistan Tea House
65 West Broadway (between Murray and Warren streets)
The very modest spot with only a few tables whips up some good Punjabi curries, with
some of the best tandoori breads in town, and many vegetarian options. [cheap]

Distance: 0.27 miles
4. Blaue Gans
139 Duane St (between West Broadway and Church Street)
Kurt Gutenbrunner's ode to Austrian comfort food is plenty of fun, and the delicious Viennese pastries are an added wedding plus. [expensive]

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OK, even though no one is likely to read this I have to point it out: I went to the Bangal Curry at 111 Church today as a sort of mea culpa (mea gulpa?), and I asked when it moved from W. Broadway. They said that the W. Bway restaurant was unrelated.


The Bengal Curry on Church has reopened.  The one on W. Broadway has closed (the one on Church is better) Have been going there for 16 years now and it is as good as ever.


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@Rex3: Thanks for the correction. I just noticed that today (so I came back here to make sure someone had corrected me)


bummer! thanks. will have to substitute Pakistan Tea House -- not nearly as good!