Battle of the Iced Coffees: Think Coffee vs. MUD Truck

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Lauren Shockey
Think Coffee on the left, Mud Truck on the right

On a day like today, when the temperatures swell to unbearable levels, one mustn't spend much time outside. And if one must venture out into the steamy streets, it better be for an iced beverage. Spending more than five minutes outside will lead to a flushed face and grumpy disposition. Thus, for this week's Battle of the Dishes, we ventured forth for iced coffee. Faced with sweltering heat, we scouted the most decent options within a two-block radius of the Village Voice office. Any further than that would have been too much to take. So without further ado, behold the Battle of the Iced Coffee: Think Coffee vs. Mud Truck.

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Lauren Shockey

We began our quest at Think Coffee, ordering a medium, 16-ounce iced coffee for $2.30 before tax. The coffee is cold-brewed, which iced-coffee purists believe is better, since hot water produces a more bitter brew. Think uses its house blend to make the coffee, which, overall, had good -- if not super-pronounced -- flavor, and no bitterness whatsoever. Plus, we were able to cool off in its air-conditioned café, which is clearly a perk.

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Mud Truck

Astor Place Uptown 6 Train, New York, NY

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Wholesale Coffee Beans
Wholesale Coffee Beans

Iced coffee is good to me any day, any time and always black!  YUM!!!!!  Sounds like ya'll had fun searching this out!

Coffee Beans Online
Coffee Beans Online

Thanks, your experiment sounded fun! I love iced coffee when it's all hot and crowded and people are like everywhere. It saps my energy. But all i have to do is take a break and drink some iced coffee