Checking Out Snap's Chicago-Style Hot Dog at Hester Street Fair

Snap Truck's Chicago-style frank hot dog

As Rebecca Marx foretold, the Snap Truck appeared today at the Hester Street Fair. Well, it wasn't really a truck -- it seems like a real truck is simply not on the horizon at the moment -- but the hot dogs were real at the Snap concession.

For now, let's just call it the Snap Table.

I plunked down my $5, watched as the thing was flame-grilled, and then put on a poppy-seeded bun (check!). As soon as I had it in my sweaty hands, I undertook an inventory of the components. We have been sadly fooled before, by Danny Meyer at Shake Shack, for one.

Yellow mustard (check!), weird green sweet-pickle relish (check!), dill pickle spear (check!), tomato wedge (check!), chopped onion (check!), celery salt (check!), hot dog -- oops, let's look more closely at the weiner. Instead of the usual Vienna Red Hot, there's something not nearly so bright red. The dog is like a Renaissance painting that has faded and is in need of restoration.

Turns out that the proprietors have wimped out when it comes to sourcing the franks, both for convenience and, I suspect, because they think we really want the locavoric, natural-skinned frank that they've substituted. Well, it's not bad, but it's not a Vienna Red Hot. Do we always have to be healthy and politically correct? Anyway, the Chicago-style dog is a damn good feed (though a little expensive) in spite of that one reservation.

The assembly

A chef flames your weenie, at Snap Table.

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Anyone been to Superdawg on Chicago far northwest side? Their hot dogs are good, but it's the total Superdawg experience that makes it worth a visit:


Now that there's Smorgasburg, the HSF has been quite quiet. I was there today, too. Got some shaved ice. Too bad matcha mochi wasn't available.