Here's Another Way to Make Money off the Shake Shack

Turns out that line-jumping isn't the only way to make money off Shake Shack: You can also rip off its entire menu, line by line, and right on down to the logo.

From A Hamburger Today comes the curious and potentially legally actionable tale of Milk Burger, a new establishment in East Harlem. Not only is Milk Burger's logo an obvious homage to Shake Shack, its menu is an almost exact replica of the latter's. The restaurant has even lifted the Shack's description of its 'Shroom Burger, word by word, to describe its own portobello burger, as you can see here:


... though it was nice of them to change "ShackSauce" to "MilkSauce."

On its website, Milk Burger has also gone through the trouble of using an uncredited photo taken by AHT's Robyn Lee. It's a photo of a Shack Burger. Lordy. This makes the folks who tried to pass off Prime Meats' menu as their own look like career professionals.

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Shake Shack

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The interesting thing is that Milk Burger is still in business and actually thriving.  My curiosity got the best of me when I trekked over there a year after my first visit and surprisingly they moved into a better location and were quite busy.  The food was still good and obviously very fresh.  It's consistent and not as greasy as many of the "Better Burger" establishments on the market.  I like them...just wish they had a location here in Miami :(