Toby's Public House Announces Itself

Rebecca Marx

Toby's Public House is one step closer to becoming a reality on Kenmare Street: Yesterday evening, we glimpsed a couple of workers affixing this rather large sign to its facade.

The restaurant and bar, which already has one location in the South Slope, is in the process of taking over the former Village Tart space. Owner Christine Iu has already incurred some resistance from the neighbors, who are wary of yet another restaurant -- or, more specifically, its vocal patrons -- colonizing their four-block-long street.

At a meeting in April, Iu attempted to win over community members with free pizza and reassurances that she was opening a "casual neighborhood place" and not some kind of monster douche-magnet watering hole. Her audience didn't seem entirely convinced, and one could assume they're greeting this literal sign of progress with mixed emotions.

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