Bacon Appetizer Slapdown: St. Anselm Vs. Fatty 'Cue

On the left, weighing in at 2.5 ounces, medieval prelate St. Anselm! On the right, tipping the scales at two ounces, barnyard bully Fatty 'Cue!

I've been seeing lots of bacon apps on menus lately. It probably goes back 100 years -- Peter Luger's bill of fare was the first time I remember seeing bacon all by itself as a dish.

It seems rather decadent, doesn't it? Enjoying a wad of bacon completely by itself, without benefit of sandwich or scrambled eggs.

It's becoming more and more common, a way to indulge yourself, while adding extra pig fat to the diet.

Today we put two prominent bacon appetizers to the test, only a few blocks distant from each other in Williamsburg, and only a stone's throw from Peter Luger. Both are relatively new restaurants. St. Anselm recently reopened with a new menu, while Fatty 'Cue has been at it for a year.

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