The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Will Open This Saturday

Finally! After a few solid months of drooly anticipation, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop will open its doors this Saturday, September 3. The news comes from Doug Quint himself, who an hour ago hopped on Twitter with the following announcement:


In other words, now that the East Village is safe for Salty Pimps and rhinestone-encrusted unicorns, it is now time to find something else to speculate about endlessly.

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Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

125 E. 7th St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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Michael Adler
Michael Adler

Oh...they opened a debate on whether gay people give enough to charity store. I thought it was an ice cream shop. my mistake.

Jonathan Lund
Jonathan Lund

No kidding...i agree, activist.  Gay men in particular don't give a flying shit about the lives and struggles of other gay men not affluent enough to live in NYC or other 'forward-thinking progressive' (i.e. rich) gay communities.  I'm guessing this ice cream place is going to cost about $12 a scoop.  I'll take my money and get a $.49 cone at McDonald's anyday - I love street theater and I can't stand snooty gay people who insist on living this illusion that we are all extremely wealthy, post-doctorate educated, living in the most expensive condos, and wearing only the highest priced designer labels.  I guess I'm not getting the memo - all gay people are rich?  What about the gay high school kids who drop out and never go back?  Do any gay people work at places that don't require a doctorate? 

That's what sucks about New York now.  The only gay people left are rich bitches.  Everyone else has had to do the reverse - move back to our hometowns, or find a smaller city to go to.  It's a sad commentary that in 2011, gay people still don't have much of a welcome space in straight society, and even less of one in gay society (unless, of course, you have money, looks, education, or can 'do something for them' - all others need not apply).  Yea. 'It's getting better' my ass.

Gay Activist
Gay Activist

Hopefully this wont be the first in a long line of entrepreneurs who capitalize on their gayness but do not give anything back to the LGBT community from whence they came. I mean if you're gonna make a lot of money based on the novelty of being gay and become media darlings don't you have some respossibility to donate a % of proceeds to LGBT causes or AIDS services or use your exposure to raise awareness of homophobia, transphobia, hate crimes, etc? Maybe that's too old school for these guys.


Aaaaah, jess get yerself a roommate and shut your piehole.  (snarkle)

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