Dish No. 64: BabyCakes' Double-Chocolate Crumb Cake

Rebecca Marx

Although BabyCakes' double-chocolate crumb cake is pretty remarkable on its own, it's even more so when you consider that it doesn't contain any actual chocolate.

Instead, the "chocolate" in the vegan, gluten-free bakery's cake comes from unsweetened cocoa powder, which lends it a rich, robust flavor. The cake's crumb is thick and moist, with a texture that falls halfway between brownie and old-fashioned chocolate layer cake.

Because its sugar content comes only from pears and agave syrup, it's the cake's lush chocolate embrace, not its sweetness, that lingers. Finished off with agreeably gooey, zigzagging chocolate sauce, it's a boon to vegans, the gluten-free, and everyone else.

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BabyCakes NYC

248 Broome St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor

Not sure if you know or not but cocoa poweder is chocolate. :)The only difference between cocoa powder and chocolate is that chocolate has sugar in it. Add some sugar and butter to cocoa powder and you have chocolate. Just sayin'


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