Introducing Jbird: NYC's Next Super-Secret Cocktail Bar (Or Three)

Jbird hatches.
"I don't want to spoil the surprise," says Joshua Kaiser, co-founder with Jamie Hinojos of Jbird Cocktails. But then he did.

With no shortage of speakeasy-style cocktail lounges around these days, the Jbird team is launching three. The first, opening tonight, can be found hidden down a hallway at XVI, a nightclub that looks out over the bright lights of Times Square. The second, expected to open by September, will be tucked behind an espresso bar and newsstand on the Upper East Side. (Notice a trend?) The third is planned for the Financial District, where a location suitable for the faux-storefront concept is currently being scouted.

Jason Littrell, of Death & Co., and Marshall Altier, who helped launch the Crosby Bar, are behind the cocktail list. Kaiser says they've been testing recipes for some time, "experimenting with boiling cinnamon bark and freezing sage."

Jbird East, the Upper East Side location, will feature an "in-kitchen culinary theater," or chef's table, with two pre-sold seatings during the week. On weekends, the kitchen will open to the public for a 1 a.m. "industry staff meal."

Kaiser, a partner in the Pink Elephant nightclub, says he "wanted to transition into a more grown-up medium. I've outgrown dancing on tables." His partner, Hinojos, has worked at B.R. Guest. "We're not in it for the money," claims Kaiser. "We have other projects for that. This is for the love of the game."

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My husband and I went to jbirds opening on friday and on our way out there was a guy standing on the side of the restaurant I asked if he worked there an he gave us a more than convincing story about how the chef had stolen his recipe for his rosemary butternut squash cake that was his aunt's birthday,and they were trying to trake all the credit and not pay him for his work, it seems the "chef" ricky is a bad guy. I think it's sad that things like this happen to people over food and we will not be returning to that bar again


You never outgrow dancing on tables!


These guys are amazing and it's amazing they've brought this to the neighborhood.  Have been in twice.  Owner is friendly and spent some time with us explaining the concept and what he hoped for with the project.  He apparently owns a variety of other hospitality projects, including a restaurant with Iron Chef Geofrrey Zackarian.  Maybe they stole the famous cake recipie from him.  LoL.  Best cocktail list in New York City, for sure.

UES School Prof
UES School Prof

I always wonder why people take the time to spread anything negative considering that what may displease one person may be the euphoria of another.  But, since one person felt compelled to allegedly stand on a stoop and preach about a "stolen recipie" and another felt obligated to promulgate it on the web, I'll take time away from my family, to comment too.  1.) a recipie is not IP that can be protected, that's like saying someone owns the right to make a burger, or a cosmo or a cake;  2.) I ate there last night and Ricky visited my table and not only is he not a bad guy, he also worked for Jean Georges and headed up the member's dining room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art-- so needless to say, I doubt he needed help with a cake recipie; 3) how about we support new businesses before the only place we have left to eat is Starbucks and Chipolte.  Retarded.