Molly's Cupcakes Comes to New York

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nutella cupcake.jpg
Lauren Shockey
There's a block of Nutella inside this cupcake from Molly's Cupcakes.

The death of the cupcake has been predicted for some time now, but that hasn't stopped Chicago-based confectionery Molly's Cupcakes from setting up shop in town. On Sunday, the spot opened at 228 Bleecker Street, peddling both its premade offerings and its signature build-your-own-cupcake creations. We stopped by for a peek. And a taste or two. OK, three.

Lauren Shockey
Outside Molly's Cupcakes

The interior is rather large and even features a cute nook filled with board games and toys, perfect for after-school visits or rainy afternoons. We also loved the addition of swing stools up at the bar, bringing a bit of the playground inside. It's an airy, open shop that was peacefully quiet on a weekday afternoon, though we can easily see it being mobbed come weekends.

The first cupcake we sampled was Nutella and peanut butter flavored, pictured above. The cake was nicely moist, and the center of the cupcake featured a big creamy hunk of Nutella ganache. It's a known fact that Nutella makes everything better and this just reinforced that premise. We would have liked a little more peanut flavor, especially in the ultra buttery buttercream icing, but, all around, a good cupcake.

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