NYC's Five Worst Pizza Slices

The teriyaki (blech!) slice at Roll and Go

Here in Gotham, pizza is everywhere, and we've got new (and newfangled) places popping up every day in increasingly more obscure neighborhoods. And now it seems like the hipness of a neighborhood is measured by the assortment of pie places it harbors, explaining why the demise of Motorino was considered such a loss to Graham Avenue.

Yes, we're in the middle of an age that's a real pizza love fest. But what nobody talks about is how a lot of this pizza sucks. The pizzacone was perhaps too obvious an example, but there are lots of slices that taste even worse than a pizzacone. Here are my nominees for the five worst slices in town.

5. Teriyaki Slice at Roll and Go -- This place -- whose name sounds like an invitation to roll yourself a joint, and then get lost -- prominently displays a sign offering a teriyaki slice, and I took the bait on a Sunday afternoon when almost nothing else in the Garment Center was open. What a mistake! The crust was blah. The brown trickle of sauce sweet enough to make your teeth fall out, and the meat topping -- well, let's just say I couldn't even tell what type of meat it was. 570 Eighth Avenue, 212-398-4646

This place is worse than it looks, and it's just the type of place I go when I want to eat sushi.

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