The Week in Food Blogs: Chef Lookalikes, Worst Restaurant Names

It doesn't get any worse than this... or does it?

This week in food blogs ...

Eater rounded up 13 chef look-alikes.

Grub Street offered its guide to this summer's restaurant closures. Because chefs need vacations, too.

Midtown Lunch got excited about the new Jamba Juice at the Rock Center.

Food Republic delivered its 20-strong tasty-jams playlist.

Serious Eats gave us five can't-miss food finds in Flushing.

The Feast previewed the Food Truck Festival coming up on August 20.

The Daily Meal listed 10 truly organic brands.

Chow posted 21 great tomato recipes.

Zagat Buzz unearthed 10 of the worst restaurant names. Pink Taco? Ahem.

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