An Attempt to Recreate Pigs in Blankets at the New East Village IHOP

The raw materials

When I was a kid in Minneapolis, a visit to IHOP (or its feuding competitor, Perkins Pancake House) was a rare and much-to-be anticipated occasion, and one of the very few meals eaten outside of the house or the confines of the backyard. When my twin brothers and I got there, we never stopped to examine the menu, because our order was predetermined: pigs in blankets.

It's 2 p.m. on a weekday -- any hipsters in the house? Oh, I think I see some.

A new IHOP has opened in the East Village on 14th Street amid ridiculous amounts of hoopla. (Also -- it's not really the East Village if it's on the north side of 14th Street, right?) Every blog and board has hyped the opening as if it were the second coming of ... Frodo, and predicted crowds of homesick hipsters have descended on the neighborhood as if it had been suddenly transformed into Cleveland, or maybe Sandusky, Ohio.

Well, I got news for you. I went at the regulation hipster breakfast hour of 2 p.m., and there was no line outside. In fact, the place was half-filled. Now, I'm not sure what a hipster looks like, but the crowd inside was not them. It looked more like peasants from Queens or New Jersey, or maybe tourists.

No line outside -- in fact, there was even a parking spot right in front.

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This afternoon I learned that during Christmas there are pigs in blankets-flavored Pringles in the UK. And now this! It's a big day for pigs in blankets. I can't get to the new IHOP soon enough.