Dish No. 34: Butternut Squash Soup at Caracas Arepa Bar

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Lauren Shockey
You'll find a hint of fall in this butternut squash soup at Caracas Arepa Bar.

Butternut squash soup -- a hallmark of autumnal dining if there ever were one -- is slowly beginning to creep again onto our city's menus. In about a month's time, expect to see it at all the farm-to-artisan-locavore what-have-you spots, decked out with flourishes like fried sage leaves. Until then, though, get your fix of fall fare at Caracas Arepa Bar.

The eatery's classic butternut squash soup is gently flavored with warming spices and topped with a hearty dose of shredded white cheese (find it listed as the soup of the day -- it's almost always it). The heat from the broth melts the cheese slightly, but it still retains a nice snappy bite. The restaurant also occasionally offers a special, spicier version of the classic called auyama endiablada, but the cheese in that soup is grilled and comes laden with jalapeños. Try the regular version now and save that heat for when the weather cools. Which will be sooner than you think.

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Location Info

Caracas Arepa Bar

91 E. 7th St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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