Dewey Dufresne to Open BYGGYZ, an Unusually Monikered Sandwich Project

A sandwich, though not a Dufresne sandwich
Sandwich shops just keep on rising from the ashes of the 2008 financial meltdown, and the latest indication of their still-surging popularity comes from none other than Wylie Dufresne's dad.

Over at Grub Street, the Robs report that Dufresne père Dewey Dufresne is planning to open BYGGYZ, a "fast-casual project" that will serve sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches, and a range of "traditional and custom" beverages that will include a barbecue soda created by Dufresne the Younger. Dewey Dufresne, not so incidentally, has something of a reputation as one of the great sandwich impresarios of New England, having owned and operated two locations of Joe's, a seminal sandwich shop in Providence, Rhode Island.

His latest endeavor is scheduled to open early next year; in the meantime, he'll preview his wares with a roast beef sandwich at the San Gennaro Festival this Thursday.

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