The Mother of All Chinese Food Safety Scandals: 'Gutter Oil'; Can Ken Friedman Save Monkey Bar?

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Of all the Chinese food-safety scandals, brace yourself for the grossest: "gutter oil." Criminals sell cooking oil to restaurants that has been bought from other restaurants or -- gag -- scooped from sewers.

Graydon Carter and Jeff Klein have hired Ken Friedman, of the Breslin and Spotted Pig, to breathe new life into a lukewarm Monkey Bar.
[NY Times]

Albert Trummer, the celebrity mixologist whose pyrotechnics act at Apothéke landed him in court, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, which involves a fine and no jail time.
[NY Times]

The Gratitude Tour, a vending-machines road show, lands in New York on September 15. Expect high-tech machines that accept cards and sell healthy food.

Josh Ozersky ponders the Jewish-Chinese food connection. His theory: "Chinese food ... besides being cheap, is eminently suited to take out. ... And Jews love eating at home."

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