Farmers Forced to Fundraise After the Flood; Tainted Cantaloupes Kill 13

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After the government turned down Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to test a ban on food-stamp use for soda, experts are now urging that the government conduct its own study of such a ban.
[NY Times]

There is now such thing as a foodie magician. His biggest trick? Guessing what your favorite restaurant is. Ta-da!
[NY Times]

Two vets have reignited the vendor wars in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by returning to the contested spot to compete with the food carts already there.
[NY Times]

Farmers upstate are raising money to help subsidize major losses attributed to Tropical Storm Irene with barbecue dinners and chicken-shit bingo fundraisers.
[NY Times]

A licensing company has secured a deal to pay $1.3 million to use the name Tavern on the Green for restaurants outside the New York area.
[Diner's Journal]

In the deadliest food-poisoning outbreak in a decade, at least 13 people are dead and 72 sickened by listeria-tainted cantaloupes.

The American Egg Board, National Milk Producers Federation, and National Pork Board have banded together for an $11 million PR campaign to fight the label "Big Ag."
[NY Times]

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American soda pop is made with high-fructose corn syrup, not sugar. HFCS is a bizarre, dense unnatural sweetener that didn't exist 100 years ago. The (formidable) corn agri-business industry has as much power in Washington as any other major corporation -- they get exactly what they want, or they stop the bribes they pay (sorry; "millions in re-election campaign funds and PAC money").

This is a no-brainer. We have a literal epidemic of incredibly expensive diabetes and obesity and we only treat after the damage is done, while utterly failing at prevention. Frankly, I'm tired of footing the bill, and you should be, too. Anyone who says that the empty calories in sweetened drinks should be given freely to our poorest citizens has their own selfish interests at the lead, not humanity's.

Our elected leaders are owned by corporate executives, and none of them have the interests of our nation at heart. They're all paid very well to betray us, and they have. Again.