Five Astonishing Nutritional Surprises From the Just-Published Eat This Not That

Penned by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, and published by Rodale Press, Eat This, Not That looks like a knockoff of the celebrated website and coffee-table book This Is Why You're Fat. This square paper-bound volume abounds in pictures of fattening foods printed in breathtaking color, with little windows revealing the nutritional stats for each. But the purpose is not to make you drool, but to compare various kinds of fattening foods so you can make "intelligent" choices. And some of the conclusions are contrary to what you might have thought. Here are five comparative shockers.

1. Froot Loops are better for you than Kashi Strawberry Fields. If you're one of those people, like me, who grimaces every time a pious Kashi commercial comes on TV, chortling just how healthy their crap is and how far around the globe they hiked to get it, you can take great pleasure in knowing that Fruit Loops Sprinkles has fewer calories (110 vs. 120), less sodium (135mg vs. 170mg), and more fiber (3g vs. 1g) than Kashi's Strawberry Fields. John Lennon would be pleased, I'm sure. (Kashi: Stop ripping him off!)

2. Plain old Heinz Ketchup is less fattening than Grey Poupon. Well, we're talking about Grey Poupon's new Savory Honey Mustard, but still, isn't it contra-intuitive that ketchup could have fewer calories (20 vs. 30) per tablespoon and the same amount of fat (0g) as mustard? And isn't "savory" supposed to mean "not sweet"?

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