Madly Wild Fried Chicken Debuts in Sunset Park With Wildly Cheap Chicken, Dish No: 33

It may not be the world's best fried chicken, but it's pretty good, and the price is right.

Who isn't a sucker for a great restaurant name, or at least a really catchy one? One recent addition to this cadre is Madly Wild Fried Chicken in Sunset Park. Though the place advertises itself as a food court via the less beguiling name of American Star Food Court Inc., there's only one counter inside, and that counter dispenses fried chicken.

The Greek place mats are a nice touch.

The chicken has a nice, crisp coating, and the interior is engagingly moist. Best of all, perhaps, is the price: $1 per wing, $1.50 for a huge drumstick; and $2 for a breast big enough to call lunch. The potatoes and gravy are a little thin, but flavorful. And the promised biscuits were missing entirely. Still, this is a great pit stop for cheap fried chicken.

Madly Wild Fried Chicken
4317 Eighth Avenue
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Not really a food court, just a new fried chicken place

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Nobody gives a shit about the biscuits, Ed.  Jesus.

Ed millman
Ed millman

So Robert,

The biscuits were alleged to be included in the meal, but for whatever reason, they forgot to give them to you.

Did you even think of asking for one, so you could, you know, review it?

Is it really that difficult?