Prepare to Slurp Some Noodles at Ramen Misoya, Opening Friday

Mmm, miso ramen
With Rai Rai Ken, Ippudo, and Ramen Setagaya all located in the East Village, you'd think the neighborhood had reached its peak of noodle peddlers. Well, get ready to add one more to the bunch. Ramen Misoya, specializing in miso-flavored ramen, will open at 129 Second Avenue (212-677-4825) this coming Friday.

The restaurant, which was formerly Nori, is switching its menu concept from sushi to ramen, according to chef/owner Nori Nishida. He plans on serving three different types of ramen, including a red miso version, a white miso one, and a mame miso, which is slightly sweeter and more umami-rich. "My partner has 30 franchises of Ramen Misoya, including one in Brazil and Taipei," says Nishida, adding that this location will be the Japanese noodle shop's first New York City branch and will be open for both lunch and dinner. Get ready for even more noodlemania.

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129 Second Ave., New York, NY

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Izumi Tezuka
Izumi Tezuka

One of you journalists should talk to me. I worked there for a couple weeks and I quit because Nori is taking advantage of his employees. He is notorious for paying only $8 an hour and taking all the tips. Seems like a nice guy and I would have worked for ONLY TIPS if he was fair but he insists on taking all the tips and then paying $8 an hour.....I don't htink so MO FO 


Whatever.....I worked there for a couple of weeks. I worked 4 to 5 hour lunches for $32 bucks and 7 hour dinner shifts for $20 to 56 bucks total. Nori is a cheapskate who is notorious for taking advantage of his employees. I find it disgusting. He takes all the tips and averages them out so he doesn't have to pay by hour. In effect he pays $8 an hour. He hires mostly undocumented or illegal workers do they don't complain.