The Bean Is Being Replaced by Another Fucking Starbucks

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The Bean

Looks like the Bean's owners knew exactly what they were doing when they made the ostensibly puzzling decision to open a new location one block away from their original outpost on First Avenue and East 3rd Street.

And that's because, as The New York Times reports, the Bean has been evicted by its First Avenue landlord to make way for the city's 188th Starbucks. As the Times points out, there are now eight Starbucks per every square mile of Manhattan, and there will likely be more, particularly as more mom 'n' pop shops fall victim to landlords concerned more with their bottom line than the character of their neighborhoods.

As has been noted, the Bean isn't taking this lying down -- in addition to its recently opened Broadway location, it has two more in the works, on Second Avenue and farther north on First Avenue, and is also relocating one block south, to the corner of First Avenue and 2nd Street. And a number of East Village residents aren't taking this lying down, either -- there are already calls for a boycott in the comments section of EV Grieve's post about the eviction.

Plenty of automatons folks, of course, will choose to frequent the Starbucks, just as everyone else will choose to regard them with withering disgust and patronize the many other independent coffee shops the neighborhood is fortunate to call its own. Batten down the hatches, Abraço, Bluebird, Mud, 9th Street Espresso, Ost, Café Orlin, Pick Me Up, Café Moha, and Everyman Espresso: The forces of darkness are descending, so shine on, and let those freak flags fly.

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