The Week in Food Blogs: Blueberry Desserts, Liquid Courage and Macarons

This week in food blogs...

macarons bosie.jpg
Lauren Shockey

Eater rounded up the 10 best lines from the Times profile on Taavo Somer. "The beard that launched a thousand beards ..." Classic.

Grub Street listed where to eat and drink this Labor Day.

Midtown Lunch noticed that Mad for Chicken renamed itself... again.

Serious Eats offered five great blueberry desserts. And, oh, yes, there will be pie.

Food Republic answered the burning question "Why do onions make you cry?"

The Daily Meal recommended five drinks to have before a date. (Not all at once.)

The Feast mapped out the city's best high-end coffee, which is, like, everywhere.

Zagat Buzz posted its seven favorite macarons. Oui, oui!

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