Watch Some South Bronx Teens Make an Excellent Documentary About Bodegas

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Bodega Down Bronx from the Center for Urban Pedagogy on Vimeo.

Here's a good way to go into the weekend: a funny, engaging documentary about one of New York's most lamented food deserts, made by the teenagers who live there. Through a partnership with the Center for Urban Pedagogy, a group of South Bronx students from New Settlement's Bronx Helpers made Bodega Down Bronx, an exploration of their neighborhood's bodegas and where the food on the shelves comes from. Bodega owners, chip suppliers, delivery drivers, the executive director of the Hunts Point Terminal Market, and policy makers alike are interviewed, resulting in a nuanced portrait of the way food shapes a neighborhood and vice versa.

[Via Gilt Taste]

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Gordon Comstock
Gordon Comstock

I adore this video.  The wit, energy, and humor is admirable.  You kids keep it up and push the envelope for intriguing television.