The New Dave's Hot 'N Juicy Hamburger at Wendy's: A Very Moist Review

The new Dave's Hot 'N Juicy is compact, and looks unremarkable from the outside.

When Wendy's, in response to falling market share, set out to revamp their burger program, they went about it scientifically, according to a recent USA Today story. If the press accounts can be believed, the Dublin, Ohio-based company spent 2½ years examining and testing every phase of the burger, from sourcing raw materials, to burger architecture, to cooking methods at individual locations.

Apparently, some franchise owners have rebelled, and a lawsuit is in progress concerning the safety and cost of the new toasters required to produce the buttered bun. The company examined the pickles, and the way by which they are cut; the thickness of the tomato slice; the constellation of dressings; and even the temperature at which the cheese is kept, supposedly petitioning the federal government to allow them to keep their "cheese" (technically, "cheese food product") at a slightly elevated temperature to encourage thorough melting. A higher-fat meat was selected, and the characteristic square shape altered to make it more raggedy. Fry cooks were instructed to press the patty down twice rather than the usual eight times, to keep most of the grease in the burger.

Finally, the Dave's Hot 'N Juicy Cheeseburgers, the new flagship of the fleet, were rolled out yesterday at a majority of Wendy's locations. What's the burger like, and was all the fuss worth it? Read on.

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The only difference I could determine between the new burger and the old was the packaging. I have to say that any company ADDING packaging to any product is irresponsible. That little cardboard stand is not necessary and just creates more waste. The burger I ate was no different at all. The bun was not different enough to mention. I was disappointed.


dude, you're crazy. The new burgers are awesome. And noooo, I don't work for wendya either. Maybe you went to a wendys franchised by someone that wanted to sue wendys for the new changes. The Whopper is the worst fast food burger there is. The hot n' juicy is tasty. Dave rocks!


I say BOO to the new pickles.  They're fine, but the old ones were better.  BOO!

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