Boo! All the Halloween Coverage on Fork in the Road So Far

Scary security guard at Chelsea Market

The Fork in the Road staff takes Halloween quite seriously. As evidence, here's a rundown of the gruesome-holiday coverage we've offered so far this year, and a chance to catch up with the posts that you missed.

Possibly rat-gnawed Halloween bread in a bakery window

Five Foodie Costumes That Scare the Crap Out of Us!

For Halloween: How to Make Japanese Pumpkin Soup in a Recipe Narrated by a Gray Poodle

Licorice Is Tasty, but It Just Might Kill You

The 10 Greatest Trick-or-Treat Halloween Candies

What to Drink at Forty Four This Halloween: The Black Eye

5 Discontinued Candies That Once Made Halloween Rock

New Tumblr 'Halloween or Williamsburg' Invites You to See If You Can Tell the Difference

Evil Parent Tells What She Does With Her Kids' Halloween Candy

Pumpkins Carved to Blow Your Mind

A Halloween Warning Found on Facebook

Mmmmm, wax lips

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