Dancing Shrimp, Live Snakes, and Other Food That Moves (NSFW)

We've heard a lot about the Paleolithic Diet. If eating everything raw like the Geico Caveman is good for you, imagine how much better it will be if all the meat, fish, and poultry is still alive and kicking? You can pretend you're a tiger moving in for the kill!

Relax, it's an electrochemical phenomenon!

Yes, this guy is eating live shrimp. This dish happens to be Korean, but you can sometimes find it in Japanese sushi bars in town as "dancing shrimp."

Live octopus is reportedly available at two Korean restaurants in Queens. Not for the squeamish.

This scene from the 1978 movie Faces of Death purports to show tourists eating monkey brains in an "elegant restaurant." Despite its extreme fakeness (note the point at which the real monkey head turns into a rubber head), the real and implied cruelty is difficult to watch.

Brave kid!

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