Chick Beer Might Be For the Ladies, But Dr. Pepper Ten Sure Isn't

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Girls, go drink your diet soda.

Seems like just the other day women were getting their panties in a bunch about Chick Beer, the brew whose six-pack has been fashioned to look like a purse and which is low-cal and low-carb because it was a beer that was "exclusively for the ladies." Well, now comes word of yet another beverage that's at the center of a gender controversy: Dr. Pepper Ten, which is specifically "not for women." Because, you know, only women can drink "diet" soda.

This new soda is packaged in a sleek gray can (no pale colors or fizzy bubbles for macho dudes!) but still contains the 23 essential flavors that makes the unique soft drink. Yet it contains only 10 (manly) calories, as opposed to the 150 in a regular can. The whole ad campaign for the soda is kind of ridiculous, the highlight being the 10 "Man'Ments" that Dr. Pepper Ten drinkers must abide by:

Dr Pepper's 10 Man'Ments

1. Thou shalt not OMG. If it's not exploding, it's not exciting.

2. Thou shalt not pucker up. Kissy faces are never manly.

3. Thou shalt not post pics of your outfit. Unless it's battle armor and you have a giant sword and/or small bazooka.

4. Thou shalt not post furry animal videos. Exceptions made for beasts fighting to the death and bears destroying idyllic picnic scenes.

5. Thou shalt not make a "man-gagement" album. That is all.

6. Thou shalt not share your horoscope. Daily.

7. Thou shalt not Instagram your lunch. Real men each lunch, not tweet it.

8. Thou shalt not untag unflattering pics. We know you were there.

9. Thou shalt not end a comment with a =).

10. Thou shalt not make a Facbeook profile for your pet, baby and/or imaginary friend.

But they forgot the 11th one: Thou shalt not follow other people's commandments.

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Sarah Eleesha Sanuth
Sarah Eleesha Sanuth

Real men each lunch? not make a Facbeook page? Come on now. Professional writer my ass! Editor, spell check anyone? Oh wait... those ones are common sense.

Sarah Eleesha Sanuth
Sarah Eleesha Sanuth

Read what you wrote. As dumb as this is, you are even dumber for mispelling the most obvious of words.

Josh Tsl Bestofme Alexander
Josh Tsl Bestofme Alexander

wow....over and over and over again I am seeing these posts and articles pop up about how women are furious with Dr Pepper over their new "Dr Pepper 10" ad campaign. Most are saying that Dr Pepper is "setting American culture back" any where from 25-50 yrs. Or that they will never buy a DP product again. Wow! Talk about over-reaction -_- gotta smdh at this one...How many men out there have gotten all butt-hurt over DP's last 15-20yrs of Diet DP ads directed at women? Or Michelob's ad campaign for "Mich Ultra" that is directed straight at women? Or the Nike running ads that are supposed to "empower" women? If you wanna be treated like equals, which you ARE, then freakin act like it and stop over exaggerating and over exacerbating the situation! Bring your ego down and just except that MOST men don't really drink diet sodas. This is a simple way that DP is trying to sell more of their products to men. I'm not gonna get all upset the next time I see a commercial for a product like shampoo or beer that is trying to get more women to use it. Why are you griping about this one?


Because the Diet DP ads didn't say "Men are terrible. Don't be terrible like a man, drink diet DP." If they did, I'd be pissed about that too. Not to mention that this is a stupid stereotype to start with, and the "anything related to women is icky and wrong, everything related to men is awesome and right" attitude has been stupidly prevelant forever. I mean seriously, I'm a woman, I hate romantic comedies, but who really cares if someone watches them for their mindless entertainment. Why should that even matter?I'm mad at this campaign because they expect me to find it HILARIOUS when they a) assume things about me based on my gender and b) imply I'm awful because of them. Hardy har har, it's so witty and so NEW. Never heard that one before.