Five Foodie Halloween Costumes That Scare the Crap Out of Us!

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Frankly, dancing cupcakes are the stuff of our nightmares all year long, but on Halloween, dress a dead-looking kid up as a cupcake and cover her with what appears to be an overdose of tranquilizers, and we feel like we're about to pass out with fear. And here are four more of the scariest Halloween costumes.

Yes, chefs can be sinister, but this costume is almost more frightening in its randomness -- a cocktail, bushy eyebrows that mask the eyes, a wooden spoon, a cleaver, a comical false schnoz, and a rubber chicken. What mayhem is in the offing?

Thank goodness this couple isn't actually naked, and that their dirty parts are additionally covered with faux gigantic leaves -- but a Red Delicious apple? Couldn't they do better? No one would give up Paradise for that.

Yes, the suggestion of cannibalism is gruesome, but the bread selected -- a hot-dog bun -- is even more disturbing.

And what's the scariest costume of all?

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