Food Network Chefs Gone Wild

Perving on Paula
Pick up a copy of Harper's Bazaar this month and you'll find a sexy Sandra Lee draped across its pages. The often conservatively dressed Food Network star vamps it up for a piece on her "semi-homemade" success and home life with Governor Cuomo.

Meanwhile, Maxim selects its five hottest female chefs, and you'll never guess who gets top honors ...

Oh, sure, Giada and Padma make the list. But the pervs over at the lad mag save their dirtiest fantasies for Paula Deen: "Just imagining the slippery, sloppy butter-sex we'd have with Paula makes us ... hungry for a bacon-wrapped, beer batter-fried stick of butter, weirdly," writes the author (who is a woman, by the way).

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Hey she is a doll, and why not make her the sexy chef on TV and her age she looks dam good go for it girl you should have it all Im 61 and proud of it and must say I do look good for my age as well....Hey men know when they see a good thing and girl you are one good thing for us women...............You go girl...........Madonna


No ways could Paula be called the 'sexiest, hottest' female chef on T.V. Maxim mag. guys must be on som'thing.