Greenwich Village McDonald's Employee Beats Two Unruly Customers With a Metal Rod

Yesterday morning in the early hours a McDonald's employee assaulted a pair of female customers with a metal rod. One was taken to the hospital with a fractured skull and broken arm, while the other sustained only minor cuts and bruises. Another patron of the world's largest fast-food chain managed to catch the melee on a cell-phone video posted on YouTube. Warning: This is not for the faint of heart.

The incident occurred at the 24-hour McDonald's at the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 3rd Street, and the assailant-employee was identified by the website as Rayon McIntosh.

Two women entered the McDonald's location a little after midnight on Thursday morning and soon got into an argument with McIntosh, one of the cashiers in the crowded store, after he told them he had to check a $50 bill they'd just given him to make sure it wasn't counterfeit. The video shows the women -- identified as Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards -- vaulting over and going around the counter at McIntosh, who flees to the rear of the fast fooder. Then McIntosh re-emerges swinging what appears to be a metal rod or pipe, and chaos ensues.

McIntosh apparently had a criminal record when hired by the chain, having spent a 10-year stretch in prison after shooting to death a classmate at a Bronx high school.

Clearly, McDonald's doesn't do much of a background check on its employees.

McIntosh has been charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon, and the women with menacing, trespassing, and disorderly conduct.

See Saturday updates here.

[Additional info from CBS Channel 2 News at 5 O'Clock]

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Robert ShitsSemen , you need to stick to writing and reviewing food, you moron! Leave the reporting of serious news to the real reporters!


The writer named Robert Sietsema ( Shits Semen) needs to get his facts straight. The two women assaulted the employee who was forced to defend himself. Now the question is " Why do you S*it Semen?"

Defwish 1 Like

This article is offensive, poorly written, sexist dreck. The writer should be fired for misrepresenting the situation blatantly. This poor employee was assaulted repeatedly, had 2 assailants jump the counter, and defended himself... as anyone can clearly see. There can be no mistake that he was defending himself. Even a parolee such as himself was found not guilty, but Robert Sietsema wants to blatantly misrepresent the situation and condemn him. I no longer respect the Village Voice, and will not support any advertisers who choose to support a publication that continues this sexist reporting. What if the clerk were a female being attacked by 2 males? How would this article be written? One of the main tenets of journalism is impartiality, and this article is biased to the point of blatant falsehood. I am ashamed that "journalism" like this exists in America.

obi913 1 Like

You obviously did not understand the whole story. You should look at the video again to see who hit first and who was becoming aggressive first. 

hodad_mcrasta 3 Like

"Unruly"? These women were not unruly. They were guilty of ASSAULT. When is it going to be as unacceptable for women to hit men as it is for men to hit women? Maybe after a few more end up in the hospital? 

newberrytrevor 3 Like

I agree with justic, whoever wrote this must be a friend of the idiots who attacked the man. He DEFENDED himself and his fellow employees. They attacked him, they ran after him. Im sure this article would read different if one of the idiot girls stabbed him or short him. He didn't know what they were going to do or capable of doing, I think he should be let go or at least not have a felony against him for defending himself 2 crazy people against 1

justiceserved 4 Like

Whoever wrote this is a fucking idiot. First of all it doesn't even point out that the one female assaulted the Mcdonalds employee. Secondly it makes HIM look like the bad guy when they are the one that caused a scene, assaulted him, and then jumped over the counter and chased after him. Whos to fucking say that they didn't have a knife or a gun. I would have done the same damn thing. Self defense you stupid fuck.


I mean no disrespect, but honestly, this is why I'm terrified of the US.

hodad_mcrasta 1 Like

@Anon You mean because of crappy, male-bashing journalism, right? 

sense1 3 Like

 The man is a hero. More people should stand up for themselves like he did. Give him a raise and a commendation; and put the two psycho women in jail.

Jbearickx 5 Like

UMMMm He was attacked FIRST! Then TWO people coming were coming after him! What is he supposed to do!!! I think its bull you can't defend yourself! They are painting the wrong picture!

aaa 5 Like

They got what they deserved!  Jumping behind the counter to attack someone who is trying to do his job?  He has every right to defend himself.

Alex Delgadillo
Alex Delgadillo 6 Like

What the fuck is wrong with the turd who wrote this article? "the assailant?". He was defending himself and now he's an "assailant" ? And who the fuck cares if he had a criminal record? Is he supposed to let people jump him, slap him and do whatever the fuck they want to him just because he has a record? He's still a person and has the right to defend his life. I'm glad he beat those ghetto hoes in court. They got EXACTLY what they deserved. Good for him.

Themilliniumprince 4 Like

He was doing his job and the attacked him...they got what they wanted..a super-sized beating. He should not go back to prison for that. Hell, he shouldn't be fired....written up..but not fired.

barryfreed 4 Like

This guy did nothing wrong, he is a hero.

Freakboynv2000 2 Like

the grand jury declined to charge the man with anything.  there is some justice in this world.  when will people learn that when you start something you had best plan on finishing it.

Biteme 1 Like

those 2 won't vault any more counters. bravo to mcdonalds employee!


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Yahoo 1 Like

Not guilty. And good call....if you think you can attack an employee at their place of deserve to get beat a little bit. (unlike the lefty-pinkos who would have you believe a nice tea and some talking would have sorted that mess out)

Howarddavid31 1 Like

Point blank:They got their asses whipped... and they deserved it.  Maybe next time they go into a McDonald's they will think more clearly about creating an altercation.

Joseph 1 Like

I really could not tell to much from the clip. But I think it is funny, a thing like this was caught on someone's cell phone all by accident. I smell a possible set up, so it could be on film. But if this worker was a felon, doesn't mean she was in the wrong from what the story pretty much said. If the two woman was jumping the counter, then that could be a "robbery". So was self defense.


There is always something going on IN THAT LOCATION or OUTSIDE of it. It draws drama.


She was working on the theory that the social contract "dogs don't bite bitches" was in place no matter what. He just spent 10 in the care of NY DOC for murder 2. She made a mistake.


Pathetic, these bottom feeders walk into a business and violated everyone’s security! Guaranteed these Walking welfare sperm banks will be walking away from McDonalds with Millions………  Follow that report!!  SICK!  This is our justice system!  They jumped the counter, and then attacked him! One does not assume they were asking for the secrete ingredients of the Big Mac,  No Questions, They jumped over the counter to inflict harm!!!!!! YOUR DEAD! That simple!!!!!!!  That man should have not even been arrested.  What the fuck is wrong with society? Those of you who don’t agree should drive down the north side tonight with your windows down. Park by a stop light, and leave your inside dome lights on and see how you feel about this situation in the morning. Did they deserve it, you bet your ass…. That was not anything compared to what most of us would have done had those trash ladies been attacking our family members!!!! Does society not understand this is not acceptable behavior?  These woman are not victims, they are the Violators!!!!!!WTF   Seriously, how fast would Jessie Jackson have been on the Today show had that man who had been violated been white? Poor little black girls beaten by a white racist… Federal Crime, automatic 10 years in Prison…  This world is fucked up!

Jonathanwitkus 1 Like

I guess the village voice doesn't believe in the right to defend yourself. These two women initiated the violence.

Sweetiepie 1 Like

This is poor excuse for journalism.  This guy is demonized by the media for defending himself.  The "woman" slapped him in the face then jumped the counter  and slapped him again. The other woman came around and the both had him backed in the corner.  What the hell was this guy supposed to do stand there and let them beat him. He didnt know if they had any weapons.  Should he have stopped when they were down? We dont know if they were really down.  We cant see what's going on under the counter.  His past had nothing to do with what happened in this incident.  Are you trying to tell me that people with a criminal record can't be victims too? They got every bit of what they deserved.


you cant see behind the counter this guy guy did rite

Max Olivia
Max Olivia 1 Like

No one knows the conversation that took place between the customer and cashier but whatever was said did not warrent that woman putting her hands on that man.  Nor was it just for the both of them to go behind that counter, one coming from each direction, to attack him.  If that was my children being confronted/attacked that way, I would want them to protect themselves.  I belive the guy felt cornered and simply did an instinctual thing -grab something and break their freaking bones. In lesser words, he was only protecting himself.  I know that anyone who watched that video would say the same unless you're just seeing color (WRONG) that has nothing to do with the issue. I'm a woman of color and I say he was totally in the right to protect himself.    Brooklyngirl 

TheDude 1 Like

Them 2 bitches deserved that beatdown.  Even if the cashier was being rude, they have no right to slap at him and then jump the counter.  He was within his right to defend himself.  What bothers me most is how quickly people forget.  About 6-7 years ago a group of thugged out hoodrats - about 4 of them - beat and stabbed a man in the same WV area b/c he hit on one of them.  He said he was laughed at by cops and other guys on the street after the incident, but if he would've taken the route Mr. McIntosh did, then he would've been vilified for hitting a woman.  The days of "never putting your hands on a woman" are over, these hoodrats go looking for trouble and then expect to be "treated" like women when they cross a line and realize a dude is willing to hit back.  FREE MCINTOSH!!!!!!!!!!!


Has anyone found records on either of these two unruly, disgruntled, disappointing females?  I am shocked to hear that the one named Denise Debrau acutally worked with the mentally disabled are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!  Who gave her that position?  A position she damn sure was not worthy of.  She can't even treat another human being properly...And her father has the nerve to say he does not want to hear about self defense....ok so you are telling us that she can go around thinking she can be a bully she/man and that's ok just take it because that is denise debrau my daughter....yeah right!  Well now your daughter is in the system now.  So let's see what happens with her.  Freeeee R. McIntosh...  And wait the other funny part of this is she yelled out racial insults and that was ok as well and called the man's mother a bitch but when he said it back he got slapped because her mother was not...........What the hell is the damn problem here do as i say not as i do!!!! Well boo guess this whole situation proved you wrong especially Rachel EDWARDS you go what you deserved you always want to play billy bad ass for everyone and always saying i am not scared of anyone....Guess you finallly met youR match.....Bet you will think from now on Ms. Impulvise and get help so you can move forward with your life.

guest 1 Like

can we get a name on that annoying lady too???


Whether this is a reflection of a personal fault on behalf of Mr McIntosh, the conditioning that comes courtesy of a ten year stint in jail, the degenerative aura that comes from visiting an impersonal fast food vendor or simply the unresolved trauma of a man who has somehow confused and armed himself against what he perceives to be a hostile world is up for debate. But what oughtn’t be up for debate is the very serious nature of these two girl’s injuries.

Bobby Quinn
Bobby Quinn

Everyone in the hood should carry a metal rod. Every civilized member of society should carry a gun. Problem solved. Darwinism with a twist of much needed genocide. 

Tovef 1 Like

Talk about biased reporting. They attacked HIM. For all he knew, they were armed. Most businesses have a weapon like this, for just this reason - a violent customer coming after you. The minute those women breached the front counter, the employees were justified in thinking they were being attacked. Why report this as if this man just cold-bloodedly ran out and attacked customers with a weapon? Just because they're female doesn't mean they couldn't do damage to him, or that they didn't have a gun, knife or other weapon.

Tovef 1 Like

And I'm female, by the way. Too many women think they can get away with anything, the adult version of the snotty little girl on the playground who provokes the boys, hits them, kicks them, draws them on and then tattles and smirks while they get in trouble. I think it will be a long time before those two idiots decide to assault a cashier again.

xx 1 Like

The general consensus seems to agree: they got what they deserved

Bssf1975 1 Like

Live by the sword, die by the sword. You pull this tough guy/girl shit long enough and someone is going to call you on it. He was trying to do his job, and they got lippy and fucked with the wrong dude. So be it.

Chris 1 Like

If itwas my business, and if I had a gun in my possession, I would have pulled outmy gun and shoot those 2 as you never know what will happen to you. 

This country is the land of free, and he has hisconstitutional rights to defend himself when he is attacked and threatened at aprivate work SPACE. 

plus the only reason for the continued hitting wasBECAUSE THEY WERE TRYING TO GET BACK UP,WHILE HE WAS TELLING THEM TO STAY DOWN.

Those 2 women had no right to attacked him, swearat him and invaded his PRIVATE SPACE. They have threatened him, slapped him,attacked the man went over the couter in the intention of harming him. When aman or women is attacked at a private work space, you have every right to defendyourself and keep the space safe.

This extreme media bias against him is totally outof controlled just because he was a former criminal. What would happen if those2 were armed and dangerous? Would you still say he deserved this bad publicity?What if those attackers were males and the defender was a female? Would themedia still publicize this bias against him? What if he was never charged withcrime? Would he still be the attacker?  

This sorry ass dude is already sorry for what hedid, and doing the right thing working at MCDs. I bet this is the best job hecan ever get with his back ground history. The dude made a big mistake in highschool days like all other teenagers make mistakes. He took it to an extremelevel; nevertheless, I am not defending the heinous crime that he madepreviously; however, I bet he had, has and will always regret what he had doneas he had to serve in prison over a decade when his friends went to college andhave family now. 

I bet he knew things that he knows now; he wouldhave never made the same crime back. Thus, he tried to contribute back to thecommunity by paying taxes and working hard & put himself together to joinback to the society getting paid minimum wage even though he could have becomea drug dealer or robber to make quick money like most of other criminals dowhen they get out of prison. What if these 2 people have attacked you at yourwork place and You fortunately was able to nail the 2 suckers but they tried toget up. Would you still beat them or would you let them get up and potentiallyharm you? If he was a bank clerked, those 2 were to be shot at on site.

Now MCD fired him. They have no right to do thatbecause he was just defending himself. Wouldn’t you be angry if you were firedand imprisoned even though you were defending yourself? It is MCDs job toprovide secure working environment, and it is their job to protect theiremployees. Instead, they had to fire him and criminalized him without questioninghim. MCDs should get totally sued as. 

What if you were slapped. What if you werethreatened? What if someone went over the counter and pose a threat? Wouldn’tyou fight back?

He is victim here, not a criminal. Set this manfree and MCDs should totally pay him for firing him. He deserves betterthan this and he deserves 2nd chance.

Masc 1 Like

What if those attackers were males and the defender was a female? Would themedia still publicize this bias against him?


IanC 1 Like

That isn't assault that's self defense. I hope he sues McDonalds, and those sick fat disgusting low life's.  

Pho 1 Like

"Clearly, McDonald's doesn't do much of a background check on its employees."

Apparently, dimwit reporter Robert Sietsema believes ex-criminals should not hold jobs.  Maybe we can send them to his place for a handout.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson 1 Like

unless those 2 so called women worked at mcdonalds they had no business behind the counter, as far as him attacking them with a metal pipe, I am sure the pipe wasn't sitting in a case with a sign that said break glass in case you are slapped, he was just defending himself, who know what the 2 woud of done if the 1 of him hadn't. Just let me be on the jury, he will get paid, as far as his previous history, he did his time

Tmshmim 1 Like

they should promote him to manager, hell i might even eat there then, can't let them hoodrats run all over you! you the man Rayon.

SR 1 Like

I totally agree!  There are tooooooooooooooo many of these rogue ghetto azz people running around beating people cause they feel like it..  They landed hands on him first!! He defended himself!  For the record, I'm a black female and I know  if I put my hands on someone, I better be ready for ANYTHING!!!  What entitles anyone to feel like they can lay hands on anyone they desire!!  Booya, got ur azz fugged up!! Bet u wont try that again!!

rwordplay 1 Like

Poorly written, poorly researched and astonishingly sexist. The writer ought to be suspended.  He certainly did not meet the most obvious obligations of his profession. His opening reflected neither the reality of the situation, nor the actual threat Mr. MchIntosh faced. 

Apparently Mr. Sietsema is unfamiliar with the location of the McDonald's, or the increase in violent crime in the West Village. We don't know the nature of the threats the women made, whether or not they were armed, but, as in the case of Bernie Goetz, I expect Mr. McIintosh should be acquitted of assault, because he was physically assaulted and then further threatened. I also expect McDonald's to assist in his defense.


this article should not say McDonalds worker assaulted customers, it should say McDonalds worker defended himself from to crazy irate customers


I know having dangerous minorities in VV's playground for the overpaid is troublesome, but Mc Donalds has many franchises worldwide (you might know). Any attempt to embarrass them into not hiring ex-cons during a time of recession and an ongoing "drug war" that sends millions of non-violent offenders to jail is also somewhat problematic. Maybe there are other ways to ethnically cleanse the trendy areas of Manhattan that would not have nationwide/worldwide side effects.


What kind of dipping sauce would you like with your exposed brain today, ma'am?


I'm not sure why the writer of this post wanted to McDonald's do a background check on someone selling hamburgers? After all isn't one of their mascots "The Hamburglar?

Hossi Blumengaarten
Hossi Blumengaarten

Two sheboons get what's coming to them after jumping a counter and slapping a worker at McNiggers'. Chimpout hilarity ensues


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