Greenwich Village McDonald's Beating Updates; Ronald Responds

The placid scene last night at the McDonald's on West 3rd Street, where the beating occurred.

The McDonald's just off Sixth Avenue in the Greenwich Village tenderloin was quiet last night, with patrons routinely entering and buying their Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets seemingly oblivious of the horrific violence that had occurred shortly before, when cashier Rayon McIntosh beat two customers who had jumped over the counter with a metal rod. According to an official statement recently put up on the McDonald's corporate website, entitled simply "Response to New York Assault":

The violence in this video is alarming and reprehensible.

The franchisee of this restaurant has told us that the individual involved no longer works for her organization.

We strive to ensure that our McDonald's restaurants are safe and welcoming for our customers.

Our franchisee is fully cooperating with authorities in the investigation.

McDonald's USA

The weird thing about the press release is how lacking in details it is. Aside from the words "alarming" and "reprehensible," it is emotionless. There is no mention of exactly where the incident occurred (Poughkeepsie? Rome, New York?), nor any contact details for further information. "Our franchisee is fully cooperating with the authorities in the investigation." Pure boilerplate!

What we'd hoped to see was, "We'll be screening our employees a little more carefully from now on." (The employee in question, Rayon McIntosh, had served 10 years in the slammer for murdering a fellow classmate in high school, and shooting a young child in the process.) And perhaps, "A guard with a nightstick will be stationed at the door of this McDonald's on a 24-hour basis."

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