Our 10 Best Things to Eat on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, NYC

7. Sicilian Slice at Artichoke Pizza -- We've already extolled the wonderful Sicilian slice at Artichoke Basille pizzeria, which now has several branches in downtown Manhattan. The square slice is glossed with olive oil, deploys great cheese and a sprightly tomato sauce, and is much better-tasting than the vaunted artichoke slice, which seems to be drowning in what might as well be canned cream of artichoke soup. 111 MacDougal Street, 646-278-6100

6. Masala French Fries at Chipsy -- As with Pommes Frites in the East Village, the fried potato fingers are twice-fried in the Belgian manner, but, somehow, here they seem less greasy, and the potato inside has a finer texture. Skip the charge-added sauces, and have these french fries sprinkled with Indian masala powder, and you'll have one of the city's great cross-cultural snacks. 99 MacDougal Street, 212-244-7799

5. Spicy Brisket Bahn Mi at Saigon Shack -- Brisket on a banh mi may sound like an odd idea, but it works perfectly at this combination bar, pho shop, and sandwich parlor. The meat has been long and lovingly stewed, much of the fat left intact for richness, and the usual pickled and shredded vegetables added, along with jalapeños at your discretion. It's as if Katz's Deli were located in Ho Chi Minh City. 114 MacDougal Street, 212-228-0588

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