Our 10 Best Things to Eat on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, NYC


4. Malai Chicken Roll at Thelewala -- The explosion of places serving Indian urban street snacks has been a boon to the New York habit of walking and eating at the same time (and sometimes talking simultaneously on the cell phone, too). Thelewala cooks up the street food of Calcutta, and it's no Black Hole -- the Malai chicken roll is a splendid wrap-up of flatbread, pulled poultry, fried eggs, spices, and purple onions, and you won't go away hungry. 112 MacDougal Street, 212-614-9100

3. Yellowtail and Avocado Crudo at Mermaid Oyster Bar -- The most recent branch of the East Village Mermaid franchise comes alive at happy hour, when East Coast oysters cost just $1 apiece, and there are all sorts of drink specials, too. But what we enjoyed most was a yellowtail crudo: boxcars of raw fish interspersed with perfectly ripe avocado, for a terrain by turns squishy, briny, slippery, and firm. 79 MacDougal Street, 212-260-0100

2. Lamb Shawarma Sandwich at King Falafel -- Though the late lamented Yatagan is gone from the block between Bleecker and West 3rd Street, the chevron of delicious greasy meat has been hoisted by King Falafel. The potentate twirls a shawarma cylinder of chewy lamb fragments (no composed meat here), cut with a generous hand into a bulging pita with roughage, tahini, and -- at your request -- a blistering hot sauce. 119 MacDougal Street, 212-674-8685

King Falafel also offers some impressive pastries.

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A new late night Fry join opened on MacDougal La Frite, 99 MacDougal Street, New York, NY 10014 - open until 4am on the weekend. Worth checking out and adding to this list http://www.lafritenyc.com/


also chez jaqueline- especially it's steak night on wednesdays...

also, i can't stand reviews that 'overlook' the prices of the specials they so carefully present.


Kati Roll should have made this list!


Mamoun's on MacDougal was the original.