Spicy Big Tray Chicken at He Nan Flavor, Dish No. 10


If the name of this dish could be properly written, it might read, "Soupy Mass of Chicken in a Wok," which describes perfectly what it is.

Find it for a bargain price of $12 at He Nan Flavor, the new Henan restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown. It represents the third Henan restaurant in the city, hailing from a region southwest of Beijing, and having certain culinary commonality with the cuisine of the capital.

Flatbreads -- cousins of the pita -- are sold instead of rice, and it is with those that you must try to mop up the extra juices. Primarily flavored with dried chilies, Sichuan peppercorns, and Asian cumin, the poultry is fiery as hell, and seems to have been butchered by somebody who was really mad at the chicken (small pieces, bones flying everywhere). No matter -- this dish is supremely delicious.

Or, instead of using the flatbreads to mop the juices, after the chicken is done the waitress will offer you a mess of wide homemade noodles to plunge into the sauce.

He Nan Flavor
68 Forsyth Street

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Daniel Meks
Daniel Meks

I was surprised there was no mention of caraway in the Big Tray Chicken of Chicken description.. Floating among the sichuan peppercorns and dried peppers were whole caraway seeds.

Thanks for the review, we came here last night and enjoyed the food.

Daniel www.nybiteclub.com


I was surprised that there was no mention of the caraway that was in the Big Tray Chicken in this review.  I came here last night and was really surprised to taste caraway. They have whole toasted seeds floating in the broth..

Thanks for recommending this place. I really enjoyed it.