The 10 Greatest Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Candies

With nothing between you and the sugar and artificial flavoring, lollipops have long been a Halloween favorite.

Halloween is America's number-one candy holiday -- way ahead of Christmas, and slightly ahead of Easter. Kids dream about it for weeks beforehand, and spend weeks afterward parsing and trading their candy. In some affluent neighborhoods, children have been known to bring several bags, and stash the full ones in the bushes along the way. Parents may try to eat some, or throw most of it away, but the piles are still prodigious. Here are the most-desired Halloween treats of the last few decades.

10. Suckers, a/k/a Lolllipops -- These hard-candy treats may be better chewed than licked, but the color and intense artificial flavor has motivated kids to crave them since at least the Middle Ages, when sugar first became available in most parts of the world. But where Tootsie Roll suckers originally held sway, their place has been taken by Chupa Chups, a Spanish invention now made by a Dutch-Italian conglomerate.

9. Necco -- This antique candy roll contains dozens of crisp and oddly dusty wafers, in a variety of hard-to-identify flavors. They're probably more fun to play with than they are to eat, but kids have known to avoid the licorice ones for generations.

8. Wax Lips -- Who knows where these are made and how they originated, but the wax lips -- more au courant than ever due to the popularity of vampires -- not only double as chewing gum, but also make an impromptu costume. And they probably contain virtually no calories.

7. "Fun Size" Candy Bars -- Yes, they're annoyingly tiny, and, yes, you can't specify which one gets thrown in your candy bag at any given house, but these candies (a) contain chocolate, and (b) can be easily traded with your sister. You get the Nestle's Crunch, she gets the Heath Bars.

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