It's 11:11 on 11/11/11! Celebrate Corduroy Appreciation Day With These Corduroy-Like Foods

Palindrome time!

Right now it's 11:11 and 11 seconds on November 11! This perfect palindrome of a date is a super-rare occurrence, and making it even more awesome of a day is that it's also the holiest day EVER for the Corduroy Appreciation Club (it's also Veterans Day and Armistice Day, but those are way less entertaining holidays). They'll be celebrating with the Annual Grand 111111 Meeting, a powwow where attendees must wear three items of corduroy. We reached out to the club to learn what foods they'd be celebrating the momentous occasion with, but they unfortunately didn't return our requests for an interview. Fear not, though -- we've come up with our own list of awesome foods that resemble corduroy so you, too, can celebrate the Date Which Most Closely Resembles Corduroy EVER.

Wavy Lays/Crinkle-Cut Chips: Perfect for snacking and scooping up French onion dip, these salty chips resemble a wide corduroy and say it's party time, even on days that don't look like corduroy.

SunChips: For those who want a snack less fattening than wavy potato chips, SunChips make for a great alternative. Slightly less corduroy-like, but with a "great multigrain taste!" Get the cheddar or French onion flavor.

Penne Rigate: This pasta totally looks like legs of corduroy pants, no? Really any kind of "rigate" pasta would work, but penne is bite-size and perfectly captures sauce inside the tube. Whip up a nice tomato sauce and you've got a great dinner.

Twizzlers: This red licorice candy is kinda like really fancy designer corduroy. But the ridges and furrowing of the stalks looks enough like the fabric. Plus, you can bite off the ends and slurp up soda, using the Twizzler as a straw. Amazing!

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