Disambiguation: 11 Things Fork in the Road Is Besides a NYC Food Blog

1. Fork in the Road: An album by Neil Young, his 32nd, released on Reprise Records in 2009. There's a song on the album called "Fork in the Road," which has these lyrics: "There's a fork in the road ahead, I don't know which way I'm gonna go."

2. Fork in the Road: A 2010 movie directed by Jim Kouf, starring Jaime King, Josh Cooke, and Silas Weir Mitchell. IMDB describes the plot thusly: "Will, an escaped convict, inadvertently takes refuge in a barn the same night the owners, April and Martin, get into a terrible fight. A gun shot goes off inside the house. April drags Martin's body outside and discovers Will."

3. Fork in the Road: A restaurant in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, specializing in seafood, barbecue, fish fries, and soup and sandwiches. According to the website: "When you come to this 'Fork in the Road' it's an easy choice to make. Exceptional customer service makes this dining experience a stand out every time you visit. You're not only our customer, you're our guest. ... All dishes are prepared with their secret ingredient ... TLC."

4.Fork in the Road: A song on the hip-hop collaboration between Dead Prez and Outlawz called Can't Sell Dope Forever. The lyrics intone, "They always told me at a time, I'd come to forks in the road / I was raised by the block (and the folks are old) / They always told me at a time, I'd come to forks in the road."

5. Fork in the Road: A Michigan-based food show with Eric Villegas that "celebrates the diverse food heritage of the Great Lakes region." The show spun off a now-defunct blog called Blog in the Road. The show produced 79 episodes, including "My Michigan Asparagus Guacamole," "Crispy Smelt With Hickory-Based Cocktail Sauce," and "Chef Mario Batali and Whitefish Nachos."

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Two things:

1) searching "Fork in the Road" on google maps gives interesting results.

2) for the restaurant in Mukwonago, WI - if driving north on Cty Rd Es, you must take    the fork in the road at HWY 83 (turn left) and there you'll find it near Cousin's Subs.

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